A Potent Venom

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786 Osslandira Canyon (Ridge) (13, 2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Invent Blowpipe
  3. Return to Start
  4. Invent Venom Darts
  5. Return to Start


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You encounter an alchemist tinkering with some vials. 'Hey you, have you come to help me? I've been attempting to create a weapon using the venom from the Rock Toad. But they're just too dangerous for me to get near. I don't suppose you could help me?' 'Wonderful. The weapon will be a Blowpipe. Here is the recipe for it. Return to me once you've managed to create it.' You gain 'Blowpipe Recipe'.

You arrive back at the Alchemist. He extends his hand rather expectantly. 'Did you manage to create it? The Blowpipe that is?' The Alchemist takes the Blowpipe from you. 'Excellent! Now all that remains is the venom darts. Here's the recipe for the Venom Darts.' You gain 'Venom Darts Recipe'.

You arrive back at the Alchemist, who appears to be waiting rather impatiently. 'Did you manage to create the venom darts then?' The Alchemist takes the darts from you. 'Ahh, these should be perfect. We intend to supply all our warriors with these. They should be highly effective in our upcoming war against an enemy tribe. I suppose I should reward you for finding the materials and making these for me. Here, take this. One of our scouting parties picked it up while patrolling the area.' The Alchemist hands you a valuable looking pendant. You gain 3,146,753 XP and 'Erichila Pendant'.