A Greater Threat

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740 Nismildor Forest (Upland) (13, 12) [none]



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You encounter a small village. Half of the village appears to be destroyed. One of the villagers approaches you. 'Have you come to slay the beast? It devastated our village. Somebody needs to deal with it before every village in this region is destroyed!'.

'You must either be foolish, or one of the bravest warriors I have ever met. But I wish you the best of luck in slaying that beast! I believe it was last sighted in Nismildor Forest (Slopes). Now I must return and help my neighbors rebuild their homes that were destroyed in the beast's last rampage.'

You arrive back at the village. They appear releived at your return. A group of villages come to meet you. 'Were you successful in slaying the beast?'

'Oh how can we ever thank you for your help! Our villages should now be safe, until another one of those beasts is sighted.' The villager lets out a sigh. 'I can however offer you this for your trouble. They belonged to the guardian of this village, before he was slain by the beast.' The villager hands you a pair of gloves. You gain 2,953,046 XP and 'Gloves of Nismildor'.