A Fae Scorned

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525 The Secret Kingdom (Grove) (15,8) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 50 Fae Moon Casters
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to The Secret Kingdom (Temple) (5,12)
  5. Go to The Secret Kingdom (Temple) (2,2)
    • Destroy statue
  6. Go to The Secret Kingdom (Temple) (11,2)
    • Destroy statue
  7. Return to The Secret Kingdom (Temple) (5,12)


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You hear a dark muttering.

A young Fae sits on a large branch, she mutters curses and dark threats at invisible enemies. When you draw near she smiles, 'You are a stranger! I have been rejected from the Order of the Moon. They say I have little talent for the Silver Light. You must punish them for their error. Slay 50 Moon Casters and I shall reward you.'

The Young Fae's sits angrily on her perch, 'Have you killed 50 Moon Casters?'

She rises from her branch, 'That is good. I said I would reward you, but not when. Meet me in the Temple. I have one more task for you.'

The Young Fae's rage does not seem to be sated at the death of her kin. She glowers at you when you arrive, 'Will you help me again Warrior?'

She gives you a wolfish grin, 'There are two crystal statues dedicated to the Stars and Moon. They are important symbols to the Order of the Moon. Destroy them both!'

A crystal statue shines in the pale light of the forest. It looks beautifully crafted in delicate swirls of worked glass.

The Statue of the Stars shatters into hundreds of pieces.

The Statue of the Moon is a work of breathtaking beauty.

The Statue of the Moon lies in pieces at your feet. The Young Fae will be pleased.

The Young Fae waits for you in her rage, 'Have you destroyed the Statues of both the Stars and Moon?'

The Young Fae smiles up at you, 'You have been very kind to me Warrior, you have shattered the pride of The Order of the Moon. That will show them to reject me! Take these Moon shadow Boots as reward.' You receive 1,237,000 + 1 x Moon Shadow Boots