A Bitter Deal

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461 Thundersnow Valley (North) (8,4) [none]



  1. Obtain Crab Meat from Ice Crab
  2. Return to Start
  3. Obtain Carapace Shell from Ice Crab
  4. Go to Thundersnow Valley (North) (17,3)


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The land has a bleak beauty which is breath taking in it\'s own harsh way. Huddled around a dying fire you find a man trying to keep warm.

The man hunkers deeper into his furs, 'Your a brave one, I'm just about done here. You gotta keep warm in this land. It's the cold not the creatures you gotta worry about. And the creatures are plenty bad! There is a tribe called the Qwai here. They offered me shelter but for a price of some crab meat. They also said they would make me a shield if I brought them the raw material. But I'm almost frozen solid out here. Could you help me, get me a chunk of Crab Meat and a Carapace Shell?'

The Adventurer is still tending the failing flame, \'Did you find the Crab meat?\' he asks intently.

He takes the Crab meat from you, 'That's great, I can now buy my shelter. Frankly I think I was a goner if I was going to be forced to stay out here for much longer. But you should go get that Carapace Shell, I'll give you the Shield as thanks for the help. When you get the shell we'll travel to the Qawi Outpost found east of here, you can get your shield and I can get warm.'

The Qwai Outpost is made up entirely of drift wood, light seeps out from cracks in the door. You enter the building and a man dressed in furs takes the crab meat from the grateful Adventurer, \'As our agreement I shall make you the Shield if you have the Carapace Shell, do you have one?\'

The Qwai takes the shell, 'You have done well, many fail to earn the right of shelter. I shall make the shield for you, it will be ready in the morning. Please rest while I make it.' You receive 763,418 Xp + 1 x Carapace Shield.