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Angel of death.jpg

As a boy I crawled out of the burning remains of my house and saw that my village had been burned to the ground by marauding orcs. I was but only ten years of age when this tragedy struck. After several weeks of living in the woods and stealing food off the land of a nearby knight, I was finally caught by the knight. The knight took pity on me however and took me as his son. I was trained in the ways of a knight and upon turning 20 I left to start my own way in the world. I joined and eventually took over the guild known as Maelstrom. We are a band of brothers that are out to seek vengence on those that do evil. We will stop at nothing to bring them to justice and those that stand in our way will be crushed for noone can withstand the devastation of Maelstrom.

My Current Statistics

Level: 91

XP: 5,368,948

Attack: 712

Defense: 36

Armor: 592

Damage: 862

HP: 93

Stamina: 1,000/1,000

PvP Rating: 1,325