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Hadom Now a 'Sinner'... still with 'Lordly' tendencies.


Name: Hadom

Age: appears to be in his mid 40's, suspected to be much older

Physical Description: Human badass warrior. Hadom has long white hair (usually in a ponytail), blue eyes, and a deep scar down his right brow & cheek. Hadom is 6 feet, 6 inches (around 2 metres) tall, and of average build. Oftentimes, working as a simple bartender, Hadom dresses in worn leather armor and boots.

Weapons: 2 ivory & silk handled katanas (presented to Hadom by Russo-Chin Empress - Ivana Wang, for 'services rendered'), as well as several throwing knives (sold to him by a street vendor named Chuck) which he uses often in his bartending duties.

Fighting styles: Trained in swordsmanship by Wong Fei-hung - a drunken samurai, hand to hand combat by a dwarven buddhist monk named Mickey, and bartending by a man only known as Coughlin in an Eagosian brothel owned by the infamous Heffner (who also oversaw Hadom's philandering ways), Hadom uses various techniques depending on the situation and the prey.

History: Hadom, the illegitimate, less interesting son and heir to the throne of Dos Equis, spent his youth traveling throughout the world of Erildath with his step-father Angus, a minstrel and healer. Yet, Hadom yearned for more than the life of a simple bard, soon becoming a veteran bounty hunter, revered casanova and master margarita maker.

Eventually, the love-child prince returned home to take his rightful place as leader of his people, only to find his land laid waste by nefarious forces of the Shadow Lord. The harlot leader of the horde, a demonic winged creature, called Tyn Querbel was eventually hunted down & slain by Hadom but not before she inflicted a vicious wound, leaving Hadom with his infamous scar.

Little Known Facts: Hadom can balance a bottle of wine on his tongue while he plays the piano

Favorite Quote: Stay thirsty, my disemboweled friends

Common Questions for HADOM

What kind of person is Hadom? Hadom isn’t complex. He believes in Justice. Hadom defends the innocent, and punishes the guilty. Kinda like Batman, only without the cool utility belt and pointy ears.

Where did you get that name? HADOM is an acronym for “Have A Drink On Me” by AC/DC. Kinda like Hadom’s philosophy on life.

Why did you have to carve it into my behind? You deserved it & Hadom wanted you to remember who just spanked you. Plus, “Antidisestablishmentarianism” would be cruel.

Can I plz hv sum gold or FSP? No. Learn to spell & get a job like Hadom.

Buff me please? Hadom does not respond well to generic requests. Be specific, and unless you’re on Hadom’s ally list or a member of PoLC or their allies, be prepared to pay.

Didn't you read my bio before you accepted my bounty? Did you read Hadom's? Hadom doesn't care. Hadom only wants to punish you, he likes it too much. If you don't want Hadom to take your bounty, don't be on the Bounty Board.

Quotations About HADOM

"When Hadom gives you the finger, he's telling you how many minutes you have left to live." - Calista

"Hadom doesn't daydream. He's too busy giving other people nightmares." - Antz

"If Hadom slept with your girlfriend, you'd brag about it." - Megan Fox

"M&M's don't melt in his hands, but women do." - FallenAnn

"Hadom used to jog, but the ice cubes kept falling out of his glass." - Tsink20

"He sank Atlantis... Hadom also knows what happened to Jimmy Hoffa." - Hugemedic

"He once brought a woman to ecstasy, just by walking into the room." - Anythingel

"I saw him win at BlackJack once.... with just one card." - George Clooney

"Hadom has the heart of a child... I heard he keeps it in a box in his fridge." - Chezhd

"Before the bogeyman goes to sleep at night, he first checks that Hadom is not in the closet." - StrakenLRD

"Sucka, giving Hadom some jibba-jabba? I pity the fool!" - Mr. T

"I once worked in an office with Hadom... Don't ask for his 3 hole punch." - Sandsally

"Hadom is the guy who shows up when I call '911'." - Chuck Norris

"Next to Hadom, Dr. Who is an idiot." - Daleck

"He's satisfied more women than shopping, chocolate & Captain Kirk combined." - William Shatner

"Five Finger Death Punch has to pay Hadom royalty fees every time their name is used." - Gravely

"He's been on Santa's 'Naughty' and 'Nice' lists at the same time." - The Easter Bunny

"The only way to track Hadom is to follow the trail of broken hearts and dead bodies... He's somewhere at the end." - Briongal

"Before Jesus walked on water, he wondered 'What would Hadom do?'" - Matthew, Mark & John

Hadom's Harem

Scrapmedic ...scrappy, spicy & sexy Calista ...the hottest bounty huntress Anythingel cougar-ific OLGF Mudfence ...dirty & flirty Chezhd ...pleasure & pain Akasha420 ...her Sugar Daddy! ;) Rashiel ...always naughty Gohaku ...asian delight Joleigh ...bendy & trendy Bigchaos ...hugalicious FallenAnn ...R.I.P. forever 'Angel' :'^(

General HADOM Info

Hadom is an Old School Bounty Hunters full member.

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