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About Me My Guild - Team Cross
Hi my name is Grimsybaby (for real Simon) I literally don't do much else apart from play Fallen Sword :) I try and donate as much as I can to the game, Weather that's hard earn cash / My own spare time. I'm 20 years old living in the United Kingdom. I try to communicate with everyone through messaging, facebook or I'll even give them my windows live email if somebody wanted it. I joined a great guild small but working on expanding slowly. Something
Buffs My Upgrades
These are my buffs
0_b.gif Rage Level 160
2_b.gif Fury Level 160
3_b.gif Berserk Level 160
7_b.gif Dark Curse Level 160
32_b.gif Wither Level 160
33_b.gif Shatter Armor Level 160
34_b.gif Death Wish Level 160
28_b.gif Unbreakable Level 160
37_b.gif Constitution Level 50
17_b.gif Treasure Hunter Level 160
19_b.gif Adept Learner Level 160
20_b.gif Librarian Level 160
21_b.gif Merchant Level 160
My FSP upgrades here