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Joined: May 27, 2008
Name: EliteFlare
Guild: Backwoods
Guild Title: A Nice Not So Expensive Shubbery
Allies: Fingeman

Lawsh Mex12345 Thun 45

Enemies: Deadly94

Eklavya LordGed Magundy Woodman12

Medals: Silver Loyalty Medal
Auction House: [1]Check out my current auctions here!
Recruits: Emery21
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EF's Magic Emporium

Hello again, welcome to my Magic Emporium. Here, I can buff you only for cheap prices, by me. If you think they are too high, too bad. Please buy them and hope you come again soon!
Backwoods members are free, guild allies and allies are 1/2 priced. All of my buffs are level 135 and they are at any level of Sustain. This is with Fury Shrine.


Dark Curse (Coming Soon)
Holy Flame (Coming Soon)


Great Vigor


Adept Learner
Find Item
Doubler (Coming Soon)
Animal Magnetism (Coming Soon)
Conserve (Coming Soon)


I am a kind, mature man from Canada. I was born in Vancouver and I am Half Chinese, Half Philipino. My name is Francis and I love to hang out and talk with my guild. In FallenSword, going for hunts is my best thing.