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Come and visit my guild's wiki if you like ---> Omega


I have been playing this game since March of 2007 so 2 years and counting. Been in Omega since level 15 and I have been here since. At the time I joined Omega, it was still a growing guild with lots of potential. The guild must've been only maybe a month old when I joined so I like to think I was really here since the beginning and I must have been doing "something" right after all this time because Mav(Guild Founder) has promoted me to the guild's co-founder as I noted in the picture above. I have met alot of great people here and though its only a game, I have become great friends with alot of time. I dont have any problems with anyone(atleast to my knowledge) but if you have a problem with then drop me a message and hopefully we can resolve the issue. I'm usually around during the evenings around 9-11:30(EST) if someone wants to chat or just drop me a message.

Real Life:

My name is David and I live in South-Central Florida. I'm currently 19 at the time I typed this all out. Graduated high school last year(08), took the year off and going to college in August(09) to be an accountant(sigh). I suppose thats all I'm gonna say BUT atleast I got this done lol