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Lady Calista

Joined: 13/Jan/2008
Name: Calista
Guild: Leviathan
Guild Title: Flame in the Dark
Allies: Evilbry,KitiaraLi, Anythingel, Ryebred, BlueBaron, bunnybee, Cade11, Maehdros, Hadom, Abhorrence, MaxDamage, SandSally,tsink20, Tormknight
Enemies: Taliorn
Medals: Bounty Master (Crystal), Loyalty(Crystal); Adventurer (Crystal); Annual Service (Crystal); PVP Arena Wins (Bronze)
Auction House: {{{player_auction}}}
Recruits: Ahrimek, Kaliskhrom
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~I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints - the sinners are much more fun.~

"Reputation is how other people regard you. Honor is how many respect you, irrespective of like or dislike. Make no mistake however. Honor demands recompense, and any slight will be dealt with swiftly and severely."-- Lady Calista

All my avatars, signatures, or any other fantastic artwork are made for me by Hadom. He ROCKS AC/DC STYLE!

Bounty Huntress

I am your Bounty Huntress,

You are my deserving prey.

I don't read tough-talking bios,

and I don't care what you say.

Your fate is already sealed,

and the punishment is fair.

Don't whine, cry or threaten,

for I really don't care.

You'll get no gold back,

no apologies, no say.

But get on my bad side,

and you'll definitely pay.

Now run along and brag

to all your friends & shout.

How the Lady Calista,

knocked your *** out!