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Medals: 5_4.png 6_1.png 7_2.png 8_2.png 9_5.png 14_2.png 15_1.png
Guild: The Evil Dead
Rank: Alchemist
Joined: 11/Jun/2007

The book is dusty and seems to be a hundred of years old. Despite its age it is in surprisingly good shape. The Cover Reads


"A Legend in His Own Mind."

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BlackDoguh's Youth

Being born to a family of no land or wealth in the Entora Valley. Looming over head was the Entora Mountains. I was out in the Forgotten Forest (West) with my mother at an early age helping her identify all the fauna and floral of the surrounding areas. Be it bugs or grubs roots or tubers we left no rock unturned and examined every leaf. On rainy days we would go to the Crystal Cavern (Entrance), some times as a family. I remember my dad telling me never go deeper in to the caves it is very dangerous down there was some magical hermit Mortek the Bright (Elite) in those caves. Rumors say that the crystals in the cave gave him powers. Though I never encountered anything down in those caves, my mother made many magical items from those crystals. So I knew that the rumors where true and there was something down there, be it man or beast I did not know and was not going to find out..

First Elite Encounter

I do remember once it was in the Ramdal Caves (Level 2). You see me and my mom was looking for Jademare Plants, she need it to brew potions. I think it was for an old lady in the village, I do not recall what it was for anyways, where was I? Oh yes we seen Telovien (Elite), it is said he tricked his fellow elfs in to a trap. He was feeding some very large hounds with glowing red eyes. We hide in the darkness of the cave fearing he would discover us or the hounds would smell us. It was not until years later though I found out for myself while looking for the rare Jademare Blossom that they where Hell Hounds. At the age of 5 my parents earned enough between the both of them to buy some land in Jaunt Bay.

Mom's New Shop

You see my mother was a herbalist to make ends meet. So when we moved to Hallow Fort. We bought with the little money we saved to buy a shop. It was nothing big, but it was everything she needed. She taught me much in that shop.

folder_new_big.gifBlackdoguh a Legend in His Own Mind

"My mother believed in teaching me to read and write at an early age. I was 6 and helping her in her shop making books, when we made my first book. I still have that book, well I guess technically you have that book at the moment. "You going to read that all day or buy something? Go ahead return that to the shelf" Return the dusty old book to the shelf?

Stable hand

My father earned a job as stable hand for a local blacksmith by the name of AlTiger.


I turned 8 my parents had me apprenticeship under a blacksmith by the name Altiger. Learning the proper way to shoe a horse. Heat a furnace and keep Iron at the right temperature to make steal. I started forging metal at the age of 12. I stayed under the tutelage of my master until the age of 16 completing my apprenticeship 2 years early.


BlackDoguh is a devotee of Osverin. God of Wisdom, for Wisdom endures; while cleverness evades.

A Guild is built on Trust, one must Trust there Guild. In return your Guild Trust you. In the end your true strength is the warrior next to you. Give them Respect and Honor and they will Respect and Honor you.

==Rise to Power==VB2.jpg

One of the great generals in the Shadow Lords army, BlackDoguh was recognized by Zolfan for his foresight and ability to lead, winning many battles in the arena for the Shadow Lord. Being under the orders of the Undead Lord, BlackDoguh has spread undeath over the lands of Erildath. Making the land it self tremble, at the approach of his army.

BlackDoguh rose to the seat of Guild Founder in a power struggle between Count Ragf Lokor (Legendary) over many century. Once the Count was driven off, vowing to return again. Only one remained, BlackDoguh taking his right full seat at the throne of Vampires Blood. Then under his leadership it had grown in the Top 5 GvG, 50th biggest and richest and has made Vampires Blood known in all the land of Erildath.

The Move

I am retired from the founder position. In my absence I appointed Hm2Brown to the throne. I wish the best to Vampires Blood.

Legendary Exploits

One of the great generals of Erildath, BlackDoguh has Left his guild Vampires Blood. To join the raising power of The Evil Dead.

The Prophesied Child

Foreseeing in the stars of the birth of the million child in Erildath all the foul beast in the land where after the prophesied child. Claiming the child, BlackDoguh bested many of those beast to raise the child for his owe. The beast included Raggghza the Troll (Legendary), Frost Dragon (Legendary)s, Zachorzi the Plagued (Legendary), Tevaer the Guardian (Legendary), Fire Dragon (Legendary)s, Thonomoth (Legendary), Bishamon, Terror from the Deep (Legendary).

Spine Chomper Invasion

Taking on the hoarders of Blue Spine Chomper (Legendary), Undead Spine Chomper (Legendary), Dark Spine Chomper (Legendary) and Red Spine Chomper (Legendary) to collect there spines as my trophies.

The Wrath of Xinderoth

In wave after wave BlackDoguh dispatched many of the foul beast that where summoned by Xinderoth death. Personally killing Raggghza the Troll (Legendary) to escape the Varas Dungeon, battling the Frost Dragon (Legendary)s of the frozen waste lands, having many battles with Zachorzi the Plagued (Legendary) seeking its secrets to undeath and immortality, bringing Tevaer the Guardian (Legendary) down to his knees to learn his secrets or rebirth, gaining many treasurers from the Fire Dragon (Legendary)s lair, braving hell itself to challenge the guardians of its gates, known as Cerberus Hound (Legendary), battling the Thonomoth (Legendary) beast single handedly to protect the Vampires Keep, Slayer of the Leaf Dragon (Legendary)s, destroyer of Bishamon, Terror from the Deep (Legendary). Bring down The Host (Legendary), Thundror the Frost Giant (Legendary), Gogmor Mancrusha (Legendary), Samael (Legendary) of the void, The Banshee of Dunale (Legendary), for the glory and thier treasurers

The Cull

Foreseeing the stars alignment in the depths of heaven. Knowing of the arcane energies waiting for the portal to the abyss to open, that will allow the Creatures of Legend into this world. As dark omens gathered, Only the few who stood and fought earned the title of HERO.

Morbidstein's Harvest

As Darkness closes in over all the Realms, six shadowy Creatures of Evil emerge from Dank Moors, Dark Forests and Cold Tombs. It will take Mighty Heroes to push these foul allies of the demented Doctor Morbidstein back from whence they came. Will you take up your weapon in defense of the Realms?

Return of the Spine Chomper

Taking on the hoarders of Blue Spine Chomper (Legendary), Undead Spine Chomper (Legendary), Dark Spine Chomper (Legendary), Red Spine Chomper (Legendary), Yellow Spine Chomper (Legendary), Green Spine Chomper (Legendary) and Octo Spine Chomper (Legendary) to collect there spines as my trophies.

New Endeavors

Foot Steps

  • There is a weathered old sign that hangs on the door.*

____________________[Sign Reads]_________________

  • <:::::;;;:§xx(}BLACKDOGUH~S APOTHECARY{)xx§:;;;::::>
  • 1§ I may be in the field or the arena, (Be patient).
  • 2§ Leave all notes in the box, (PM me).
  • 3§ All packages go to the service entrance, (Send ST).
  • 4§ Being polite costs nothing, (But its priceless).
  • 5§ Please take a card, (ADD me Friend/Enemy).
  • 6§ I reserve the right to refuse service & (Ignore you).


  • As you reach for the handle, the door slowly opens to a smokey dimly lit shop. Through a cloud of smoke, you see a gentleman with a pipe sitting at a desk.*

A soft voice comes from the cloud. "Welcome please come in. I'm Blackdoguh, You my call me BD. It's a pleasure to meet you. Feel free to look around, and just ask if you need help."


===New guild, old friends===TED.jpg

Titan hunting in The Evil Dead, "So you can teach an old Blackdoguh new tricks" says Altiger.

And There You Are!


As you are closing that old dusty book and putting it back on the shelf behind the potions you find a card that reads:

*Free FSP
*Find Buffers
*Recruiting Guide
*Train for your level
*BlackDoguh's Profile
*Free Legendary Items
*BlackDoguh's Auctions  
*Firefox Add On FS Helper