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Joined: 07/October/2008
Name: Arieh
Guild: Perfection
Guild Title: Warlord
Allies: Alvitr, Bleltch, Chazz224, cqinmi, Dually, JetPerfect,Moonfrost, mzzery, salaprina,tharzill, Uberquendi
Enemies: iron300, Paulo87, Rockozocko, TUGREEB
Medals: 0_2.gif 5_4.gif 8_2.gif 9_1.gif
Auction House: N/A
Recruits: Alvitr
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About Me

Focusing on Gold BH medal, plus guild stuff.

If I hit you outside a bounty, either you had more than an FSP of gold and were offline, or it is a guild/ally thing. I may hit you for a guildy or ally, but I will NOT accept payment from them for it. Feel free to bounty me or hit me back. Messages will likely get you ignored or reported.

I do NOT Merc.


Buff Level Price
  • 5_b.gif
  • 150
  • 4,000 gc
  • 7_b.gif
  • 150
  • 4,000 gc
  • 29_b.gif
  • 150
  • 4,000 gc
  • 30_b.gif
  • 150
  • 4,000 gc
  • 9_b.gif
  • 150
  • 4,000 gc
  • 27_b.gif
  • 150
  • 4,000 gc
  • 28_b.gif
  • 150
  • 4,000 gc
  • 23_b.gif
  • 150
  • 4,000 gc
  • 25_b.gif
  • 150
  • 4,000 gc

All buffs for 30k. It's your responsibility to check my sustain.

Thanks to evfisher for making the buffs table!!


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