Tomb Seeker

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177 Naral (South) (15,4) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Naral (South) (5,14)


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You come across a fellow adventurer. Showing that he means no harm you strike up a conversation about your many adventures. He tells you that he’s embarked on a long quest to find a magic tomb in the area and if you want you can join him and share the riches. Will you join him?

You agree to join him. Suddenly you’re ambushed by a marauding Centagus. The fight is brief and bloody and the Centagus is cut down. Unfortunately your new companion is mortally wounded and with his dieing breath tells you to find the tomb and then he gives you a magic vase that apparently unlocks the secrets of the tomb. You must now find the tomb. You receive 1x Tomb Vase.

After much searching you come across what must be the entrance to a tomb. Within the tomb sits a central alter with a circular grove in it. It looks like it would exactly fit the vase. Will you place the vase upon the alter?

You place the vase upon the altar and it fits perfectly as a strange green glow fills the tomb and to your surprise a ghostly figure appears and nods at you before a chamber in the tomb opens releasing a fountain of treasures. The glow and ghost disappear slowly and you hear a voice saying "Thank you, take what you want." You quickly gather up the treasure and make a hasty exit. You gain 30,000 gold, 102,802 xp and 1x Izorn Stone.