The Power of Stories

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15 The Grimmnor Forest (10,9) [none]


Quest only available from June 2nd - June 15th 2010


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You've stepped through the strange shimmering Portal and are confronted by a Mage in rather regal looking robes. He seems to be powerful but searching for something.

'Greeting. You have the bearings of a Warrior. I wonder, would you assist me?'

'So Warrior, would you be willing to help me with my investigations?'

'Excellent! Something very strange is happening in this Realm and those close by. For some reason, old tales are coming to life and enacting their stories in real Realms. I am not sure how this could occur. Will you search the Forest and return if you find anything?'

'Ah, Warrior. You have returned. Did you find anything suspicious?'

'Bards are roaming this realm and spreading the stories into others? In that case, they are the way to stop this! As well as stopping them, they will have an item, probably their musical instrument, through which the magic is channeled. That may be of use to you as you go to the Realms and try to stop the Stories. I would suggest you go forth and stop this.'

You receive 793 XP & 'Armor of the Storied Warrior'.