The Honor of Vengeance

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540 Dark Atholhu (Mount Foot) (7,6) the previous Lishka quests?



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill Lishka the Darkwater Hag (Super Elite)
  3. Return to Start


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A huge Mountain dominates the horizon. At its foot stands a strange Altar.

The Altar has a faceless statue standing over the Altar. A voice comes out of the very air, 'Welcome Warrior, I see you have been marked once by evil, but you have freed yourself. I must congratulate you. I Judge that you have suffered a great wrong at the hands of an ancient evil, if you seek Lishka's death I shall bless this act as just, and Vengeance shall reward you. Venture forth into the Mountains. On one of these paths you shall find Lishka surrounded by her Champions. Due to your diligence you may now enter the Temple Stores.'

The Statue of Vengeance stares faceless down at you, a voice whispers on the wind. 'Have you taken Vengeance on Lishka the Darkwater Hag (Super Elite)?'

A brief warm breeze kisses your face, 'You have done well Warrior. The World might not know of your name, but your deeds will be felt forever.' You receive 1,833,680 Xp