The Ethereal Tavern

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122 Ethereal Frontier (3, 11) [none]



  1. Kill 10 Gelatinous Fiends
  2. Go to Ethereal Frontier (3, 11)


  • 47,917 XP
  • 3,500 gold_button.gif

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As you move your way through the city you come across a tavern and decide to enter and sample the local ale. Upon entering you are shocked to see that everyone in the tavern is dead and are nothing but dried out husks! You hear movement in the back of the tavern. As you move to investigate you discover the culprits of the crime; a large group of Gelatinous Fiends about to kill another local! However the creatures spot you and run away. The scared local looks about. He is the last survivor. He asks you to avenge all the people who died here. Will you hunt down the evil creatures that killed the locals?

The creatures fled into the Etheral Frontier... "Cowards!" You shout. You wield your weapon and vow to hunt down the evil creatures as you pursue them out of the tavern. You must kill all ten of the Gelatinous fiends then return to the survivor.

You return to the Tavern at the city. "Have you destroyed the fiends who caused this tragedy?"

"Thank you warrior! Here, have this gold as a sign of our appreciation for avenging the deaths of those people." (You gain 3500 gold and 47,917 xp.)