The Burnt Hut

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15 Dreg Swamp (10,15) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 10 Fire Golem
  3. Return to Start


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You come across a burnt out hut in the swamp. Sitting outside is an old Dwarf. You ask him what happened to his hut and the old dwarf explains that he was attacked in the night by a mob of Fire Golems. He asks you to hunt down the creatures in question before they come back to finish him off. Will you accept?

You have accepted. The old Dwarf tells you that you have to kill 10 Fire Golems in the area and if you kill them you will be rewarded with what ever has survived the burning down of his hut.

You have returned to the burnt down hut and the old Dwarf comes to greet you. Have you killed all the Fire Golems?

"Thank you!" cries the Dwarf. The Dwarf reaches into his pocket and gives you his special ring. You gain 1x Dwarf Quartz Ring, 300gold and 750xp.