Seasonal Vengance

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300 Forest of Yule (Thicket) (10,10) None



  1. Go to Start
  2. Receive Flamedeer Grenade Recipe
  3. Invent Flamedeer Grenade (everything you need dropped by MK2 Flamedeer)
  4. Return to Start
  5. Go to Forest of Yule (Workshop) (7,7)
  6. Kill Son of Santork (Elite)
  7. Return to Forest of Yule (Workshop) (7,7)


  • 726,573 XP

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You hear him long before you see him. Even when you do find him the Dwarfs helmet is only just popping up over the deep snow.

He looks at you and glowers, 'I'll give you seasonal greetings. I'm here trying to kill that cretin and all you can do is joke. Last year he burnt down my Village and it has taken me a whole year to find him. Finally I tracked down that blasted Santork and I'm gonna burn his house down! But I could do with a nip of brandy to warm my frozen bones first.

He sits down and takes out a well worn hip flask, 'I do have a problem though. The entrance to his Workshop is protected by a fortified wall. I need to get through that wall to get to Santork. Fortunately he made it out of wood.' He looks up at you with his weary eyes, 'To be honest I could do with your help Warrior. I seen a few Flamedeer roaming around and I think it will help us get through the wall. Take this Flamedeer Grenade Recipe, and return here with the Granade if you decide to help me.'

You receive 1 x Flamedeer Grenade Recipe

The Angry Dwarf sits drinking form his hip flash, \'Did you make that Flamedeer Grenade?\'

He takes the Grenade form you and inspects it closely, 'Hmmmm, this is nicely put together. Well done Warrior. With this I can blast through the wall, meet me in the Forest of Yule (Workshop) if you want to join in on the hunt for Santork.'

The Angry Dwarf stands in the center of the Workshop openly fuming.

The Dwarf stamps his feet in fury, 'I can't find the coward, I've been everywhere. I think he recognizes me and is hiding. But he might not hide from you. Go kill that Son of Santork (Elite) for me will you?'

The Dwarf stands sipping his hip flask and flapping his hands against the cold, \'ah, you are back. Did you manage to get that Son of a Santork (Elite)?\'

The Dwarf smiles up at you for the first time, 'Thats grand news my friend. Grand news. I just need to go get a pint and celebrate.'

You receive 726,573 Xp