Sacred Shell

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135 Reigma Beach (South)(4, 6) [none]



  1. Go to Reigma Beach (North) (14,12)
  2. Obtain Shell of Atlax
  3. Go to Reigma Beach (South) (4, 6)
  4. Deliver Shell of Atlax


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You hear crying behind some rocks on the beach. Will you investigate?

You take a look behind the rocks and to your surprise you see a mermaid sitting crying. After a long conversation with the mermaid you find out she’s the keeper of her kingdoms sacred shell of Atlax but she lost it and it was washed ashore somewhere on the Reigma beaches. As she cannot walk on land it is now your duty to search the beaches for the shell.

Searching for the shell in the heat takes its toll and you sit for a well deserved rest. Something sharp jabs you as you sit and you jump up and look to see what it was. It’s a sparkling shell like the one the mermaid described to you. Will you take the shell?

As you pick up the shell it feels strange and otherworldly. This must be the sacred shell of Atlax and must be returned to the mermaid. You gain 1x Shell of Atlax.

You return to where the mermaid was sitting. The mermaid is still crying when she looks up at you and asks if you have found the shell. Will you give her the shell?

The Mermaid stops crying and smiles as you give her the shell. She then suddenly dives into the sea next to you just as you thought you were going to be rewarded for you hard work. Suddenly as you begin to walk away disappointed you hear a clatter besides you and turn to look at the sea where you see the mermaid waving at you. You look down to see you were rewarded after all! You gain 1x Mershield and 59,698 xp.