Lost Supplies

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128 Werzel Islands (North) (8, 8) [none]



  1. Go to Werzel Islands (North) (13, 6)
  2. Obtain Supply box
  3. Go to Werzel Islands (North) (8, 8)
  4. Deliver Supply box


  • 53,645 XP
  • 4800 gold_button.gif

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You have entered the islands Village town hall and while there the local chief comes to you and asks you if you would like to help his village regain lost supplies? Will you help?

The chief tells you that the supply ship was lost at sea and that the valuable supplies were washed up somewhere on the islands. Go find the supplies and then return to the Village hall.

As you walk along the island you see a large crate half buried in the sand. Will you go over to the crate?

On further inspection it turns out that this crate is the lost supplies the chief needs. Now take the supplies back to the village hall. You gain 1x Supply box.

You have returned to the village hall. Will you give the chief the Supply box?

You give over the supply Box and the chief hands you gold as payment for returning the supplies. You gain 4,800 Gold and 53,645 xp.