Kidnapped Citizen

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529 The Secret Kingdom (Preserve) (13,16) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to The Secret Kingdom (Preserve) (8,9)
  3. Gain level 530
  4. Travel through The Secret Kingdom (Prowl) to The Secret Kingdom (Heartwood)
  5. Kill 1 Lord of the Fae (Elite)
  6. Return to The Secret Kingdom (Preserve) (8,9)
  7. Go to The Secret Kingdom (Keep) (7,2)


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You find a squad of Ralthien Soldiers dug in a defensive position.

The Platoon Leader greets you, 'I'm glad to see you Warrior, I don't suppose you know but Ralthien is about to be attacked by the Lord of the Fae. We don't know much, our Scouts are having trouble with this enchanted land, you may have seen some Scouts on your travels in the Realm. A Man somehow gained information of the attack, but before we could get to talk to him he was kidnapped by the Fae. We know he is being held somewhere near by but we are easy targets for the Blade Dancers. Could you find out where the Man is?'

Before you, is a large Guard Tower, a Fae Guard hovers in a high window.

The Fae Guard notches an arrow, 'Beware Warrior, I will shoot if you come too close. You cannot talk to our prisoner. In times of war only our Lord may enter the Keep. I doubt you will be gaining that title any time soon – unless you defeat him in mortal combat. Which is unlikely. You'll never find your way to The Heartwood as The Prowl is too dark. We use the Darkness to hide his Majesties personal domain.'

The Fae Guard stares down at you from his high window, 'Have you defeated the Lord of the Fae? Only he may enter the Keep in the time of war.'

The Fae Guard laughs at you, then disappears for a moment. He reappears in the window rather flustered, 'It seems I under estimated you. By our law, the title of Lord of the Fae is given from Father to Son. Or taken in combat. You have slain the King, so the right of succession falls to you. You may now enter the Keep my Liege.'

The Fae Keep is an austere place. As misery has seeped into the stone over the years. You eventually find the Human prisoner. The sight does not please you.

The Strange Man looks up at you, heavy chains binding his wrists and ankles. 'The Mistress said you would come, I take it you have killed the Lord of the Fae? She has set her heart on his death and would be most displeased if he still lives.' With a sickening dread you realize you have done her bidding again. You turn to the Jailer, 'Kill him at once, burn the corpse then bring me all his belongings.' You are pleased at the efficiency of the Fae. The Strange Man is aflame before the items are brought. He had few possessions on him but you are drawn to a small black obelisk. You don't know why but you know it's important. You turn and walk out of the Keep, 'My first decree as Lord of the Fae is to abandon the assault on Ralthien. My second decree is to give the Right of Succession to the Tower Guard, someone so stuck on rules will be a good King'. Your overriding concern is not the Secret Kingdom, but the death of the Mistress. Lishka must die, She has used you in her twisted plans once too often. You receive 1,009,334 Xp + 1 x Shroud Icon