In Search of Rebirth

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361 Burning Sands (North) (13,2) [none]



  1. Obtain 1 Scarab Shell from Scarab
  2. Go to Start


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The land has turned harsh and wild since you left The Great Plains. The sand seems to stretch out for ever, the heat from the sun beats down remorselessly. As you stumble on you come across a small hut made of roughly cut stones.

The small hut is cool inside, you start to breath much easier, an old woman dressed in white robes greets you. 'Welcome Warrior, you have come far. Sit.' She motions to a nearby chair, 'Our land is hot, it is far more fierce than other lands. Unlike you, I am old and feeble. Please would you do me a great favour. Bring me a Scarab Shell, from the two halves I can make two Amulets of Renewal. I will give you one as payment.'

You stamp the sand from your feet, the old woman looks at you with disapproval as she watches the sand puff-up in clouds around you, \'Did you get a Scarab Shell?\'

Brown weathered hands take the shell, she turns from you. 'Thank you Warrior, It will take some time, but you shall have your reward.' You sit down, and wait for her to finish. By the time the sun is setting, the old woman hands you a shiny black amulet, 'Here, this might be of use to you in future.' You gain 428,870 and 1 x Amulet of Renewal.