Hunter Overthrown

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337 Erodum (East) (7,8) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain 1 x Red Fang Necklace from Inudum Scout Rider
  3. Return to Start


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You hear a high pitched whine on the wind. Drawn by the odd sound you come across a Inudum Scout Rider nursing her wounded mount.

The blood from her mount is slick on her hands, she wipes them on a rough cloth. 'Hail stranger, my tribe is being torn apart by unrest within our own ranks! The traitors attacked me and left me for dead, kill as many Inudum Scout Riders as you can find and bring me the Traitor Leader's mark. Without their leader I will be able to regain control of my tribe. His mark is a Red Fang Necklace.'

The hunter's lizard mount is now standing, makeshift bandages are wound around it's chest. The hunter eagerly approaches you, 'You have the Red Fang Necklace?'

She raises it up to the light and looks closely at it. 'Yes, it is his. with the Tratior dead I can now settle the war within our Tribe. As thanks, take my spear. You gain 373,666 XP and 1 x Arctic Spear.