Hunter Becomes the Hunted

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296 Krysa (South) (6,12) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 30 Neanderthal Hunters
  3. Go to Krysa (South) (13,2)


  • 314,353 XP
  • 50,950 gold_button.gif

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You come across a small camp. The resident of the camp is an injured Neanderthal. He tells you that he is a hunter and has got lost and hurt himself while hunting in an unfamiliar area and is now being hunted by his tribes enemys. Will you help him?

He needs you to keep back the enemy Neanderthal Hunters while he makes his get a way. He says he recognize a tree from his own lands to the north and once you have taken care of the enemy to come and meet him there. You must kill 30 Neanderthal Hunters on the way to the tree.

You make it to the tree. Have you killed all of the enemy Neanderthal Hunters?

The wounded Neanderthal hunter is there waiting for you at the tree. He tells you that thanks to you he is now safe in his own land and that his people will help heal his wounds. He rewards you with 50,950 gold & 314,353 xp.