Honorary Pirate

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429 Lonely Isle (Outer) (9,12) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Black Powder Gun from Pistol Pirate
  3. Return to Start
  4. Obtain Eye Patch from Pistol Pirate
  5. Return to Start
  6. Obtain Sea Grave Earring from Pistol Pirate
  7. Return to Start


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The Lonely Isle is well named. There is little here apart from Pirates and beaches. In the distance you see an odd sight. A solitary palm tree.

You are disappointed to see that the spot under the tree is taken by an Old Pirate. 'Ha, too slow young man. Old age and experience will always win out over youth and exuberance. But if your here I take it you want to join the ranks of the Pirate Queen. It's easy to do just give me your Mark of Worth'. He reaches to take something from you, after a second the Old Pirate laughs. 'Or you can do it the hard way. Prove that you can do the job by getting some items from other Pirates. It's easy, you just need a Black Powder Gun, Eye Patch and Sea Grave Earring. These are are carried by all Pistol Pirates.'

The Old Pirate chuckles, 'Good to see you lad, you got the Black Powder Gun for the Pistol Pirates?'

The Old Pirate takes the gun, 'Nice, a well used piece. Next is the Eye Patch. No pirate would be seen dead without one of those.'

You return to find the Old Pirate drinking merrily from a large jug of rum, 'Ha, your back quickly, you got that Eye Patch?'

He takes the Eye Patch, 'They don't give these up easily, well done mate. I think you'll make a fine Pirate. All that's left is the Sea Grave Earring.'

The Old Sea Dog is singing happily, 'Nice one my friend, you got the Sea Grave Earring?'

He takes the earring from you, 'Every Pirate has to have one of these. It covers the cost of a burial at sea. Nothing worse then putting your mate overboard when he got no body bag. Well you have got what it takes to be a Pirate. Well you took these quick enough ha ha. Take this Black Spot, most folks think it's a sign of bad omen. More fool them. You are now an Honorary Pirate. I'd go see the Quartermaster in the Lonely Isle (Inner). He'll want to see the new recruit.' You receive 716,089 xp xp + 1 x Black Spot.