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The Council of Jedi's
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Founder: ZharaX
High Council: balourbrox, Vaniok
Masters: bravo3, demoncourse



Please edit this page only if its for correcting current and true info about Council of the Jedi guild! Thank you!

Guild History

Formed On Nov 14 2008.

We are here
to have Fun and
Enjoy the Game in all
its aspects... After all thats
what the Game should be all about!
New members will be on 7 day trial & be level 20 to apply.
Guild rules can be found on our website, forum or reading them below.

And Remember

The Rules

Basic Rules
  • Use your stamina on a regular basis (The more the Better!).
  • Help the guild and yourself out by making frequent deposits (2 Times pr. Week).
  • No begging! Beggars will be immediately kicked from guild. Everyone needs bigger backpacks or new items, But they don't beg!
  • Most Importantly! Have Fun Playing :D

Inventory Rules

  • The guildstore is not for storing common stuff. Items placed will be removed within the hour.
  • If you are on Leave of Absence rank for more than 7 days you might lose your items for other guild members who needs them.
  • It's not OK to recall items from other members wearing them (Blue colored), but recalling non-used (Black colored) is.
  • ALWAYS repair your gear before placing it back in guildstore! Its not nice to let the next member pay for repair a broken set!
  • ALWAYS leave a guildstore spot open at all times!

Social Rules

  • Treat members in the guild like you would like to be treated yourself.
  • Do not use bad, foul or in any way insulting language towards other guildmembers.
  • No member can attack another member.
  • Members must assist other members of the guild.

Above Means

  • Not Following the above set of rules means you are subject to be kicked out of the guild.
  • You can insult people in a good way, opposite, being mean is the same as being booted!
  • Follow the above and have fun playing!


  • Gear from Levels 20 to 500!
  • 450+ Gear Items Available!


Structure Name Level Maxed
Battle Totem  ? / ? Dunno
Health Shrine  ? / ? Dunno
Armory  ? / ? Dunno
Endurance Shrine  ? / ? Dunno
Thieves Guild  ? / ? Dunno
Weaponsmith  ? / ? Dunno
Temple  ? / ? Dunno
Shrine of Pain  ? / ? Dunno
Tranquil Retreat  ? / ? Dunno
Destructive Shrine  ? / ? Dunno
Training Room  ? / ? Dunno
Blacksmith  ? / ? Dunno
Sustain Shrine  ? / ? Dunno
Military Advisor  ? / ? Dunno
Fury Shrine  ? / ? Dunno
Guild Registrar  ? / ? Dunno

Ranking System

Guild Experience Rank Name
0-1k Jedi Trial
1k-10k Midichlorian
10k-20k Space Slug
20k-30k Womp Rat
30k-50k Goober Fish
50k-75k Dewback
75k-100k Bantha
100k-130k Kaadu
130k-160k Mynock
160k-200k Ronto
200k-250k Tauntaun
250k-300k Tusken Raider
300k-350k Jawa
350k-400k Gungan
400-475k Ewok
475k-575k Wookie
575k-700k Droid
700k-850k Artoo Unit
850k-1.1M Clone Trooper
1.1M-1.3M Padawan (Level 1)
1.3M-2M Jedi Apprentice (Level 1)
2M-3M Jedi Knight (Level 1)
3M-4M Jedi Master (Level 1)
4M-6M Padawan (Level 2)
6M-8M Jedi Apprentice (Level 2)
8M-11M Jedi Knight (Level 2)
11M-15M Jedi Master (Level 2)
15M-20M Padawan (Level 3)
20M-25M Jedi Apprentice (Level 3)
25M-30M Jedi Knight (Level 3)
30M-35M Jedi Master (Level 3)

Special Ranks

  • Guild Founder - ZharaX: The Founder!
  • Jedi Master of the High Council: - balourbrox, Vaniok
  • Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi:
  • Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn:
  • Jedi Master Luke Skywalker: - bravo3
  • Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker:
  • Jedi Master Plo Koon:
  • Jedi Master Shaak Ti: - demoncourse
  • Jedi Master Aayla Secura:
  • Jedi Master Mace Windu:
  • Jedi Master of Recruiting & Management: Recruiter and Gear manager.
  • Jedi Master of Buffs: - fir3chick, Neomaister Guild Buffer.
  • GvG MagnaGuard IG100: GvG Specialists Rank.

Marking Ranks

  • Leave of Absence: Holiday, School or just other matters to tend to, this is the rank.
  • MIA is possible OUT: First warning: Member who have been gone for 7+ days, gets MIA status.
  • 24 Hour Notice Use Your Stamina Or Your Gone: Second & Last warning: Still no sign of member after 14+ days will be considered lost and booted out of the guild.