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Generals of Destruction
Founded: 10/07
Founder: DragunFury
Leaders: ElderLucan,

itsenuf, MyButtChin, StickIsGod, superbeef

Guild Allies: Call of Cthulhu,

Fallen Legions, Forsaken Kings, Shadow Dwellers, Zero Tolerance, The Knights of the Red Moon

Guild NAPs:
Guild FDPs:
Guild Enemies:
Pwning N00bs since 10/07



The Generals of Destruction don't have an ego we just love how awesome we are! We are a group of elitists here to prosper. Mature Noob Pwning Awesome People Need Apply!

Noobi -->01:49 25/Apr/2008 'billyclay' deposited 1 gold into the guild bank

Who We Are:

The Generals of Destruction is a guild comprised of members from all ages, genders, nationalities and, creeds. But the one thing we all have in common is respect, loyalty and maturity. In fact, our youngest players seem to be the most mature in the entire guild.

We enjoy fair-play and look down upon any cheating, begging or otherwise foul-play.


We allow PvP as long as you keep in mind to not attack other guild members or allies. Otherwise, PWN as many n00bs as possible!

Buff Policy

We buff our own for free! If you are a General of Destruction then ask and ye shall receive! We only ask that you return the favor when you are able. It is our policy to buff before training because this not only helps you out, but it also helps the guild gain more XP.


We're working on it.

Mission and Goals

Our main mission is to PWN n00bs, but when we are not doing this we strive to have a fun and enjoyable playing experience while meeting new people from all over the globe. Our goals are to regain our position in the top 250 guild stats, to continue progressing up that ladder until we reach the number one position, and finally to hold that position the longest.


Minimum level requirement for recruitment is 10. We also require that the person is not just active, but also leveling/using stamina. We understand as your level progresses there are other things to do in the game like SE hunting, Bounty hunting, selling buffs, etc... But as a low level or new guild member, we ask that you are active, helpful to other guild members, polite, and team oriented.


Rank XP Contributed
  • Unholy General


  • Immortal Commander


  • Dark Dragon Slayer


  • Apocalyptic Warrior


  • Ascended Calvary (yes we know its Calvary and not Cavalry)


  • Sub Human


  • Primordial Ooze

Basic First Rank


We have a plethora of equipment to suit your needs just fine. The Generals of Destruction have, over time, put a lot of effort forward into gaining and tagging equipment which is to be used for all members. We have many LE sets, and a few SE sets. You will also find that we have a lot of equipment that is fully forged and crafted to Perfect or Excellent. This is because we strive for perfection and the best equipment you can get for your current level. We currently have everything you will need from level 10 to 325.


It has been a long tradition of the Generals of Destruction to acknowledge a guild members birthday. We do this by taking a collection of gold/fsp from other guild members and presenting it to the birthday boy/girl as a token of our appreciation for their loyalty and friendship.

IRC Chatroom

We furthermore have our own IRC chatroom where we can better acquaint ourselves, plan events, ask questions, or just hang out.