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Founded: 17/Aug/2008
Founder: GlaeX
Leaders: GlaeX
Guild Allies: n/a
Guild NAPs: n/a
Guild FDPs: n/a
Guild Enemies: n/a


General Information

Guild History

Under the alias The strong knights and leaders pj301 and dizzel, we grew. But as they left the guild, we fell into a tornado of bankruptcy. But under the strong leadership of GlaeX, we are now building back the blocks to raise our guild to #1! We changed our name to Err0r and everything is wonderfully new. We plan to grow steadily with the help of our fellow members and leader.


Note: FSPs contributed will be counted in the contributed gold as 100 000 gold.

Normal Ranks

Rank Name XP Contributed Gold Contributed Permissions
Novice Soldier 0+ n/a store items in GS, view Advisor
Trained Soldier 10 000+ 5 000 + and take GS items
Expertised Fighter 50 000+ 25 000 + and recall tagged items
Artisan Slayer 250 000+ 125 000 + same as above
Loyal Assasin 1 000 000+ 500 000 + and tag items
Master Assasinator 2 500 000+ 1 250 000 + same as above
Deranged Warmaster 5 000 000+ 2 500 000 + and mass message
Resistant Knight 10 000 000+ 5 000 000 + same as above
Immortal Paladin 20 000 000+ 10 000 000 + and hire/fire mercs
Legendary Champion 40 000 000+ 20 000 000 + same as above

Special Ranks

Inactive Leecher

This rank is given to inactive players who have been inactive for more than 2 days. Permissions: None

Retired Legend

This rank is given to legendary members, who has chosen to retire from the game. Permissions: None

Returning Fighter

This rank is given to players who is going to be away for a while, i.e. vacation. Permissions: None

Guild Council

This rank is given to whoever the Guild Founder and Guild Councils decide. Permissions: All, except Bank Withdraw and Change Logo

Guild Founder

This rank is given to the leader of the entire guild. Permissions: All


To join us, you must meet the requirments below. If you qualify, go visit our guild forum for an application formula found in the Recruitment forum.

Our forum can be found here


  • You must be level 20+
  • You must be loyal, friendly, helpful and active
  • You mut obey the rules of the guild and do your best to help keep the guild running

Guild Diplomacy


We are currently allied with nobody.


We currently have no NAPs with anybody.


We currently have no FDPs with anybody.


Structure Level
  • Battle Totem
  • 6
  • Health Shrine
  • 4
  • Armory
  • 2
  • Endurance Shrine
  • 2
  • Weaponsmith
  • 3
  • Tranquil Retreat
  • 6
  • Sustain Shrine
  • 4
  • Fury Shrine
  • 3
  • Guild Registrar
  • 3