Grave Trouble

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515 Teotal (Valley) (6,13) [none]



  1. Kill 40 Cursed Specters
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Teotal (Valley) (2,8)
  4. Return to Start
  5. Go to Teotal (Valley) (2,7)


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Near the edge of the Valley you come across a terrified villager.

The man cowers from you at first as if expecting you to attack. But on seeing your confusion he stands and calms down. 'I was traveling to the Temple and decided to visit my Ancestors grave. I have been attacked by Cursed Specters ever since I left the grave yard. Can you kill the 40 Cursed Sectors that are hunting me?'

The Villager huddles in a quite corner awaiting you return, \'Have you killed the 40 Cursed Sectors that were hunting me?

The Villager smiles at you with obvious relief. 'I wonder what enraged the spirits so much. Can you visit the Grave yard and see what upset them so much. The Graveyard is just North of here.'

The Valley is a beautifully lush place, the beauty is marred by the unquiet spirits which are swarming the region. You eventually find an ancient Grave Yard, an Enraged Spirit hovers over it\'s Grave.

The Spirit is a boiling mass of light. It seems to sense your presence and whispers to you in your mind, 'Have you come to torment the dead as well Stranger?' The comment takes you by surprise, you explain that you found a man being hunted by spirits and wondered why. The Spirit slowly coalesces into a shape of a man, 'The Priests here can command us to do their bidding. The Spirit of the grave next to me is being used in that foul manner. Not only is the Spirit being abused by the Priests but a man has even robbed the grave to add insult to injury. We have gone out to try to take back the Tribal Ancestors Amulet but none of them have returned from the hunt. Can you bring back the Amulet. A man took it not long ago. He should still be in the area.'

The Villager waits for you, \'Have you discovered why I\'m being hunted by Cursed Specters?\'

You ask him if he took anything from the Grave of his Ancestor. He sheepishly gives you the Tribal Ancestors Amulet, 'I'm sorry, I did not realize it would cause trouble. I only took it so I could feel nearer to my Grandfather. He died recently - I miss him terribly. Please take it back, I don't want to upset my Ancestors.'

You return to the Tribal Burial grounds, around a fairly new grave there are various pots with objects in them - one is empty.

You drop the Tribal Ancestors Amulet into the empty pot. The Enraged Spirit appears before you as you replace the lid of the pot. 'It is uncommon to find someone who will help the dead. The Amulet is a gift from his Wife when they married, it is very precious to the Spirit as it has good memories attached to it. Thank you for you kindness, take this Sword as a token of my gratitude. Such a weapon should be used by the living not treasured by the dead.' You receive 1,191,197 Xp + Saber of the Jungle Spirit