Grandfathers Blade (Quest)

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This page is about the quest. For the item with the same name, see Grandfathers Blade (Item).

340 Luivak (South) (15,2) [none]



  1. Obtain Prisoner Box Key from Inudum Heavy Guard
  2. Go to Start
  3. Go to Luivak (South) (2,8)
  4. Return to Start


  • 449,516 XP

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The dark corridors open into a dusty room, you instinctively breath easier. From a murky corner you hear a low murmuring.

As you get closer to the noise, it stops, but you can now see a shape hunched in the gloom. 'You're no guard' croaks the man. 'Just broke out of my cell, but I want my Grandfather's Blade before I leave. Kill those miserable Inudum Heavy Guards to find the Prisoner Box key and return to me.'

You return to the old Prisoner, 'You have the Prisoner box key?'

A vicious gleam flashes in the Prisoner's eye, 'I hope you had to kill lots of them to find it.' He chuckles to himself, 'Now, find the red glowing grate to the South. The Prisoner Box which holds my Grandfather's Blade is West of the glowing grate. Return to me when you have the blade.'

A well worn box sits on the floor before you. The lock snaps as you turn the key. Inside are a suprising amount of belongings, but your eye is drawn to a splendid blade wedged near the wall of the box.

The blade is beautifully balanced, you can now understand why the old Prisoner would not leave without it. You gain 1 x Grandfather's Blade

The old Prisoner is standing in anticipation of your return, 'Do you have my Grandfather's Blade?'

The old man takes the weapon as if it is made of glass. 'You don't know what this means to me warrior, I will not forget this deed you did me this day. One day I may be able to repay your kindness.' He shakes your hand, then walks out the room muttering dark vengence on the Luivak Guards. You gain 449,516 XP.