Eel Feast

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537 Cursed Isle of Darkwater (Murk) (8,12) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Needle Carcasses
  3. Extract 2x Poison Eel Meat and 1x Eel Lantern
  4. Invent Needle Steak
  5. Return to Start


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The Murk is an eerie place. A thick mist smothers the land. This dampens all sounds and gives a claustrophobic feel. Within the half light of the early day you see a light in the mist.

The old man laughs at you as you walk up to him, 'You're a bold one my friend, the Needle Tooth has its own lantern you know. You need to be careful of lights in Darkwater Murk. But since you seem to be an eager sort, I've a proposal for you. We're having a mid-season feast soon and need Needle Steak, you can't have a feast without it in these parts. Take this, it'll tell you how to make it. Come back when you're done, I'll make it worth your while.'

The Old Man sits waiting for you, 'You got my Needle Steak?'

The Old Man takes the Steak, 'That's just grand, the Feast is an important part of Darkwater life, it's the highlight of the season. Take these Boots as a token of my gratitude. You receive 1,122,547 Xp + 1 x Sea Dog Boots