Dream Elnorphant

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173 Pelrei (East) (14,14) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Pelrei (East) (15,4)
  3. Return to Start


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It’s been a long day and you find a safe place for a rest and soon drift into a deep sleep. You have a vivid dream about a gigantic tuskless White Elnorphant. In your dream the Elnorphant speaks to you and tells you that you must help it's spirit ascend to the next astral plain. You suddenly wake from the dream but you feel that somehow you must do what the Elnorphant told you. Will you help the spirit in your dream?

You decide to do the task. You remember the Elnorphant told you that its spirit can’t ascend without its magic tusks and that they were removed from the body. You must go find the tusks and return to this spot with them.

You come across a temple and you decide to investigate it. As you reach the doorway you almost don’t see the pair of huge tusks hung above it. They must be the Elnorphants missing tusks! Will you take them?

You climb up to remove the tusks, they are harder to remove than you think but finally you get them free and you sneak away with them... You gain 1x Elnorphant Tusks.

You have returned to the place where you dreamed about the glowing Elnorphant spirit. Your kind of confused as what to do next. Will you sit and wait for the spirit to come to you?

You’ve been sitting there for a while and begin to think maybe it really was just a dream. Suddenly the Elnorphant spirit appears in front of you! You’re shocked but the Elnorphant is glad that you have returned the tusks to it. The spirit rewards you well as it fades away to nothing. You gain 1 x Elnorphant Pin and 98,195 xp.