Accursed Fields

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620 Necral Fields (West) (11, 14) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Necral Fields (Interior) (9, 12)
  4. Obtain 1x Soul Keeper Ectoplasm and 2x Soul Keeper Rags from Soul Keeper (Champion)s
  5. Return to Necral Fields (Interior) (9, 12)
  6. Obtain 1x Soul Keeper Ectoplasm and 2x Soul Keeper Skulls from Soul Keeper (Champion)s
  7. Return to Necral Fields (Interior) (9, 12)
  8. Go to Necral Fields (Wraiths Domain) (9, 10)
  9. Return to Necral Fields (Wraiths Domain) (9, 10)


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You come across a rather battle hardened looking Warrior. He looks you up and down. 'Warrior, we have need of a strong arm to help clear this area of an evil Being. Will you aid us?'

'First, we need the Trees of Pain cleared from this place. Please return to me once you have destroyed them.'

'Greetings Warrior! Has your hunt gone as well as mine?'

'Excellent. You are made of stern stuff indeed! Ready to continue the purge?'

'Do you wish to continue this purge?'

'Meet me in the Necral Fields (Interior), that is where the next foe awaits us.'

'You've made it then warrior. Ready for the next challenge?'

'This area is full of Soul Keeper (Champions). You need to kill them so that we can get you a disguise. You need two parts. Take this recipe for Soul Keeper Robes and return once you've made it. I shall take it to check it is okay, so don't alter it after it is built.' You receive 'Recipe of Soul Robe'.

'You've returned. Were you successful?'

'Excellent. That will do nicely. Here is the robe.' You receive 'Soul Robe'.

'Right. Next part of the disguise is the Soul Mask. Ready?'

'Take this recipe of Soul Mask and create the item. Again, I'll check that it is suitable and return it to you.' You receive 'Recipe of Soul Mask.'

'You have the Mask?'

'Perfect! Now that you have them, you should be able to get through the gate to the 'Necral Fields (Wraiths Domain). Meet me there.' You receive 'Soul Mask'

'My Friend, you have one last task ahead of you.'

'The Wraith that haunts these fields is bound here. However, It is extending It's influence into the area by using it's minions, such as the Soul Keepers, It warps the trees into the Trees of Pain and shrouds this area in darkness. Go destroy this fiend and return to me.'

'My Friend! You have returned! Has the Wraith been destroyed?'
'Amazing! With It's destruction, I am hoping that the area will return to normal and the Creatures that continue to plague us can be driven off. Please take these boots for your courageous act!' You receive 'Wraithbane Boots' and 2,302,682 XP.