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I was to be the son of god, as it turns out god is a busy dude. The stork got tired of god's receptionist instructing him to come back later, and left me on god's doorstep when I was only a year old. I began to crawl and to my dismay fell off the edge of heaven. Luckly a fell demon saw me and took me to his master Malphas. Using his shield as a cradle, Malphas took me to Hallows cave to raise me in safety. I was fed with the meat of living creatures who dared to enter the cave. Many years passed as I grew strong in my home with my father. On the eve of my 21st birthday disaster struck. A young adventurer saw my father and began magically calling for help. Just moments later an adventurer named Joe777 arrived and slaughtered my father before my eyes. I attacked him, but as I did he opened a portal and we both landed on Krul Island. Ever since I have killed hoping to fulfill my father's dream of taking over the world, while searching for the entrance to heaven in order to bring him back. I am theloneman.


When he was alive, my father once said,

"The only way to heaven is through death The only way to hell is through me So kill me, I dare you.

As you breath your puny breath Remember that I'm doing you a favor."

Searching for Iluthar I'll reign with my father. *TM

  • status* Preparing for LE and realizing that all the gold spent on Purplet Plants will never be made back.

Buffs: All buffs are 10k each! All for 50k! Level 145!

Librarian, Adept Learner, Merchant, Treasure Hunter, Fury, Animal Magnetism, Dark Curse, Find Item.

I rent out Back Pack slots and Auctions House spaces!