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The Teutonic Order


1) Be active, please try leveling frequently

2) Donate, we don't expect much but at least donate every other day, which means every 2 days you must donate, TRY giving FSP for guild upgrades

3) Respect, listen higher ranks. If one abuses power tell the Owner, Santaeid

4) If you are inactive with no reason for more than 4 days then you will be kicked - tell in discussion part of this wiki page or contact one of the leaders at the bottom of page


1) Own gear, we can provide some but not all.

2) Be able to train till you have no more stamina

3) Have a fun time!


We welcome GvGers, we pay 150k gold(1 FSP) a win. MUST HAVE OWN GEAR! Can be any level! After conflict or when item sells you will get your reward! Talk to one of the Leaders at the botttom of the page for more information.

GvGers/Titan Hunters/Any Type of Hunter will be given a rank of soldier or knight depending on level because the guild has not setup a rank yet.

You should pay for your own conflicts though, if you do we throw in 1fsp or 50k extra depending on our mood.


Teutonic Squire: 0 - 7k EXP

Teutonic Soldier: 7k - 50k EXP

Teutonic Knight: 50k - 100k EXP

Teutonic General: 100k - 1mil EXP

Get your own rank for 11 fsp (one being a donation going to guild) or If your a general you only have to donate 10 FSP for your own rank

Leader(s) & Great member(s)

Shdwking - Great Leader and will lead us to a great victory in the top 250 guilds!

Santaeid - Great; Leader, Follower, Shdwking's right hand man, and Epic guy, thus we gave him the rank Bob the Epic

Gischil - Original Founder and Steve the Pwnage

Laboheme2 - Santaeid's right hand man

AngelVamp - NOT to be kicked, Guardian Angel

R.I.P.(left the guild or not active anymore):

CHINEEZNUB - Very Devoted member, Forever in our hearts

Guild; Buffers, Avi makers, and Merchants

Condor0001 - Buffer

Santaeid - Avi maker

Laboheme2 - Head Merchant

corplex1 - Buffer

peterzhou - Buffer

Member of the month

This is awarded to the member that gets the most experience or wins the most conflicts, there are 3 categories so far. Winner of each of these categories will get 50k-1 FSP depending on how well they did.

Best member overall: Laboheme2

Best/Fast leveler/experience getter(long thing/name I know :P): Laboheme2

Best GVGer: Santaeid (I won one conflict!)

People outside of the guild that help

Tarnos the Great salesmen who buys things at great prices and who sells things at great prices


Anti Guild Hoppers,

The Big BANG,

The kings of the hill,

Majestic Kingdom,