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The Axis of Evil

Overturning the Established Order since February of 2007!

Guild Stats

The following guild statistics are correct as of Dec. 12, 2009

  • Members 37/124
  • Ranks 42/200
  • Guild Store 59/750
  • Max Mercenaries 2/2
  • Max Members per Group 11/50
  • Captured Relic 2/5
  • Guild Tagging 1/1
  • Tax Rate 25/25
  • Maximum Structures 23/100
  • History Characters 40/250
  • Max Conflicts 1/19
  • Max Conflict Participants 3/95

The Axis of Evil uses English as its primary language.


Founded February 2007.

The Axis of Evil has been under new management since Nov. 2009. This was a once proud and mighty guild that had for some reason unknown to me gone mostly inactive. When I became founder there was only 1 active member and the only structure was the guild registrar. Since that time, significant progress has been made. More active players have joined and structures added. The guild is now becoming more active as more people join it. We are working to become better than we once were and invite active people to come and join us.

Guild Allies

  • Knot Guildy
  • Mighty Warriors

Guild NAP's