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Joined: 10/Sep/2007
Name: TheOldOne
Guild: Forgotten Guardians of the Past
Guild Title: TheOldOne the Omniscient Sage
Allies: cinda, corlath, stevefille, Tingis, KaDaVeR, stuey, Tequilator
Enemies: None
Medals: 5_1.gif 8_1.gif
Auction House: N/A
Recruits: Tingis
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"I don't know what the hell Omnifdflkj means but you're doing a great job ;)" - stevefille

TheOldOne embodies a great FGOTP Guild Trainer: always knowledgable, wise and ready to crack out a random quote with his buffs. He creates beautiful masterpieces in his avatars (just have a look down our members list and you'll surely find his work strewn across various bios) and is always happy to have a good laugh in our chat or dish out some good sound advice. Check out his masterpieces at - Kevolkian