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I am spidey101 and my journey in Fallen Sword started January 4th 2007. I started out not knowing or caring what this game was all about. I just attacked creatures, didnt care for stam usage or if I won or lost. It was at level 12 that this would all change. At level 12 I came across a quest where I had to kill some elites and I could not do that on my own so I decided to try and make a guild and recruit some people to help me out in group attacks but I had no luck in recruiting for my new guild. I then decided to level a little more but those elites stayed on my mind. I leveled to level 13 and decided to try my hand at getting recruited to a guild. I checked the list and noticed a cool name called Ewoks and I asked their founder if I could join his guild. Cadel was this mans name and he changed my FS life by accepting me into his guild. Since the middle of January 2007 (exact date escapes me) I have been a proud Ewok.

Ewoks climbing the chain

I started out as just another face in the crowd but soon was entrusted to be a merchant for the guild. I worked my way up the chain and was named a Warlord on top of my merchant status when GvG was introduced to make me a Warlord Merchant. On top of that I was seen (at least in my own mind) as an unofficial Diplomat and Leader. Come the end of the year we had a vote for Ewok of the year on our guild forum. It was a split decision but in the end I was voted Ewok of the year which gave me my new title of Warlord Merchant and Ewok of the Year. As of August 7th 2008 at 23:58 server time I have been promoted to founder by Cadel.


I started out as a leveler, I leveled at every chance without really knowing that I wasnt leveling efficiently. I never used the best gear or the best buffs. When I hit about level 50 the bounty board became my best friend. I did bounties whenever I was on FS. I became a silver bounty hunter in about 2 months. After that I didnt do much of anything until October 2007. After October I decided it was time to level some more to get over level 100 and I finally did by learning more about the game. When I reached about level 129 I decided to make a war between myself and Dark Siege. I never expected to win, I just wanted to show them that they did not intimidate me. They deleveled me from 129 to 119 and I made my way back to 124 and got deleveled back to 119 yet again by Dark Siege. I then asked some friends to help me stop the violence and Chilon came up with a plan and made a deal to get DS to stop attacking me. I then leveled without much of a problem until level 236 at which point I started another "war" with Draconian Empire and lost another 36 levels. That was in April of 2008. Since April I have leveled and been more reluctant to get deleveled. In both of these cases my guild did not get called upon to settle the problems which I helped to cause.

Most memorable people in no particular order

Tharnakus, gling, Cadel, MagicMouth, Wefler, Gleb, RepairmanJ, Brittygirl, Kyana, Tigerpaw, Greybeard, Darroc, Gibboni, staraix, spanky, Yargon, Kirstu, Jukaz, LordAtog, slash32167, Grobak, sigiloso, daydragon2, svens, Sarge2155, fire316, kiak360, darkarchon, treeline, Tyrath, paymon, Chilon, TDA, tawniteamo, Phool, Paladinus, Bcountry, willy74, P1mp07, Delux906, acvila, DevineGod