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Hiyas! you interested in some details about me?....uhhh...well this is a first timer...oh well, might as well start: i live in sweden (if you don't know where it is, shame on you!) I "work" in the guild: the swordsmen. No i'm not gonna tell you which rank I am! check it in the game instead... favourite STH characters: Tails and amy (FTW! XD) favourite music: most music from games =P games: final fantasy x and x-2, VII, V and VI. ratchet and clank 1-4, jak and daxter 1-4 all crash bandicoot games for the PS and PS2 except the 1st one ever made =P kingdom hearts 1 and 2. now I think I forgot some of my games i got, but still, these were just a FEW of them... so anyway, enjoy the game/life people! =)