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Joined: 18/Jan/2008
Name: Shivang
Guild: The Wicked Players
Guild Title: Profane Parole Violator
Allies: GeordieS, punkass, Sufferage, and TDA
Enemies: z78
Medals: Loyalty(Bronze) Adventurer(Bronze)‎ Bounty Master (Bronze)‎
Auction House: My current auctions
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Still i am updating my profile so take a look later.


Category Name Level Image Price
Special Treasure Hunter 135 17_sm.gif 10000 0.png
Special Adept Learner 135 19_sm.gif 5000 0.png
Special Librarian 135 20_sm.gif 5000 0.png
Special Merchant 135 21_sm.gif 8000 0.png