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Online- Guild Bounty Hunter

Need to clear your bounty? PM or add me!

-10 stamina attacks -ask for gold back

I am so happy to rejoin my old guild. Currently, it takes 20 FSP for anyone level 10 and up to join. It's worth it! Someday, we will be in the top 250 guilds. We are currently accepting members level 10 and above. We are very welcoming. I don't carry much money so there is no need to attack.

This is my official website for Youtube:

All others will have to be bountied only if: (I will assume that you have read these rules.)

1.) I lose a large sum of xp. 2.) I lose any PVP. 3.) You don't return the gold. (Bounty Hunters will only follow the 3rd rule)

Buffs(All 3k and lvl 115): BT AL TH LIB

Medals Recruiting(Bronze): 16% Loyalty(Gold): 25%

Current Bounty on Me:

Avatars: Adding names to avatars for 1k! (If you want a glance of what I can do, look at Regicide83; She has her name that I put on it.) -Free for guild members.

New Updates

  • 1.) I have acquired his Bounty Hunted Medal.
  • 2.) I have reached level 100!