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Game Name:Rantiz Real Name:Alexander Country:Norway

Active?:I am very unactive at these days cause i have much to do. I play lots of other Games like and Counter Strike Source. I made me promise that i will at least come to level 40 before i end playing this game. I will try to get more active.

--Rantiz 00:21, 2 July 2008 (BST)


MAP : talathmap.jpg ( NOTE: The map is been taking from another web-site, i just took that map cause it were very this land rantiz was born )

Chapter 1: The Warning

It all started in the land Talath , in a little city named Sangea, North of Dalir desert where the Guardians of Sandji lives. Rantiz and his father Ranraz were living in a house just above the walls of the castle Samjar. The king didnt have money enought to buy resources to build new houses and not even repair the castle for all its damage. So Rantiz and Ranraz were not rich and had to go hours to find food. Everyday people walked to the water just north, and to the Forest north west, to get resources and sold them to the king. After some years, the king had enought wood and water to build new structures and houses for the people who lived in the town. Rantiz and Ranraz were living in peace for a long time, all the time since Rantiz' mother died. But one day, the town guards saw something moving up from the sand in Dalir desert.. What is that!! It's moving to fast, we cant get a aim at it!! one of the guards yelled when he saw the sandy creature moving towards the town. The whole town had to be escorted west to the castle of Kendall, up in the mountains of Kandak, cause now the creature werent alone! What will happen to the town, and the castle? Why would the friendly race attack Sangea, is it the Guardians of Sandji that sent then? What about all the resources? What will happen? Read when the next chapter comes!!

Chapter 2: The Escort

Now as the citizents where being escorted to the castle of Kendall , Sangea was to be a city of sand in some hours. It werent long way to the castle, only 2Km's, But under Kendall Pass, with the Forest of Kendall, people heard rumors of evil ghosts that guarded the pass in case if people had to flee from their cities and move to the castle. The ghosts had plans to take over the whole region of Cyron, to take their revenge on the kings that betrayed them as slaves once. The ghosts were a part of the humanity before, but they died of thirst and food because the kings told them to job fifty hours before they can have something to eat or drink. So now the ghosts where guarding there and took the souls out of anyone who tried to pass trought the pass. Rantiz and Ranraz where the last ones in the escort caravan. Ranraz was once a guardian of castle Kandall, but a spy that became a advisor for the king got Ranraz kicked out of the Guardian Army, and now he is just a normal citizent with skills of fighting. That was why he and Rantiz was the last ones, to guard. The caravan had almost walked all the way to the forest that is east of the pass. The citizents in the castle Kendall havent walked trought the pass on years. They found water and food above the castle with the river Kendall. Now the caravan guards had to give a signal to the castle, so they could help get them in.

Chapter 3: Assistance from Kendall

Chapter 3 is coming soon..!


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My Own Rime/Poem

Rantiz is a scary guy, that is why he never die. Rantiz is good to read, thats is why he always heed. Rantiz is always reading more, thats why he is the master of lore. Rantiz loves swords and shields, thats what he awlays wields. Rantiz likes the food, but he aint a big fat dude. Rantiz has a master humors, he can tell you lots of rumors! So be hes mate and join his fate!

( ... lol not so funny hunny =P )