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Quantum714's History

I joined Fallensword on the 29th of December 2007. After a few days i messaged highly ranked players from the richest players and top players asking them for help. I came back a day later and had a guild invite from Elric1962 to join Chaos Lords. Elric1962 was the richest player at the time. I stayed in this guild till lv 30 and joined Dark Siege. I got kicked out of Dark Siege after a couple of days for accidentally PvP'ing a ally. I then joined numerous guilds and could not find a nice guild to stay in. At lv44 i joined Chaos Lords again and made many friends there. At lv73 i left the guild after being "cussed out" by 2players in the guild. I joined soulless worriors which was run by a friend. I had told him i would only be there for a while. At lv80 i had left and joined Initium and got welcomed by many happy faces, but as i joined a Guild Council member, "BlackKingX" had just left so there was a bit of commotion there. I soon learnt Initium is a friendly guild where everyone wants to help and there are jokes all around. After 1 week in the guild we had a Mercenary weekend and most of the higher level players were hunting Super Elites and lower were taking the chance to take out elites without moaning for people to join their groups. That was quite fun and i had many fun moments in Initium.

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