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Proud member of The 4 Horseman.

PaulRocks' Auction Services
I could be putting gold into your pocket today !


Here's how the auction service works:

  • PM me in game telling me about the extra item(s) you have.
  • If I think I can sell it, I'll try to make room in my inventory and then tell you to initiate a Secure Transfer (ST).
    • The ST should specify that you expect 1 gold piece in return for the item(s).
  • If the item(s) sells, I'll send you PM within 24 hours of the sale telling you that it sold and how much you are due.
    • I pay you 40% of the selling price.
  • You tell me when to send you your gold.
  • If it doesn't sell within two days, I send your stuff back or destroy it as you would like.

It's as simple as that. =)

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What will you sell in the auction house?

I will sell nearly anything in the AH. However, I have found that some things do not sell very well. If I have experience with a particular item, I'll let you know this upon initial contact.

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How much will you pay me for xxx item(s)?

I do not buy items in advance of the sale.

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When my item(s) sells, how much gold will I get in return?

I will send you 40% of the sale price.

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What if I just send you stuff?

Items sent without a PM or without permission will either be destroyed or I will keep the profits from any possible sales.

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Why do I have to contact you first?

I may not have room in my inventory, or the item may be a slow mover. If I don't think it will sell well, I'll tell you that up front.

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Why should I use a Secure Transfer (ST) to send you stuff?

This is for your protection, and mine. The ST allows either of us to cancel the transfer and gives you the option of backing out. It also gives me time to make room in my backpack if necessary.

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A note about Secure Transfers

A Secure Transfer will require that the recipient pay at least 1 gold piece. This is a part of the transfer process and NOT my policy.

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Will you sell items for Fallen Sword Points (FSP)?

Yes. If I think the item(s) will sell for FSP(s), I'll do so. However, some items sell better when gold is used. I will make that determination when I place the auction.

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How long after the sale will it take for me to get my gold?

Within 24 hours of the completing of the sale, I will send you a PM telling you what has sold and how much you are due. After that, I will wait until you tell me to send you the gold.

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How will you send me my gold or FSP(s)?

I will send you a PM, telling you what has sold and for how much. Then, I will send you gold or FSP(s) using a "Send Only Transfer".

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What if I am not online after the sale, will you still send me my gold?

I will try to send you your money when you are online so that you have a chance to deal with any large amounts of cash. If I have sent you a PM telling you that your item(s) has sold, be sure to contact me as soon as possible so that I can send you your gold.

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If you sell an item for 1 FSP, how will you split that?

As a rule, I will figure 1 FSP = 115,000 gold pieces. So, if your share of the sale is less than 115,000 gold, I will not convert that to an FSP.

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What if the item(s) doesn't sell?

If it doesn't sell within two days, I send your stuff back or destroy it as you would like.

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Will you guarantee me that an item will sell for x amount of gold?

No. Item prices vary greatly depending on the availability, how it's crafted (if possible), whether it is forged and to what level, etc. I cannot guarantee an item will sell or that it will bring any particular price.

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You sent me some gold, but I got robbed afterward, will you send me the difference?

No. Once I send you the gold for your sale, I am no longer responsible for it.

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Satisfied Customers


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Joined: 18/Jan/2008
Name: PaulRocks
Guild: The 4 Horseman
Guild Title: Paladin Overlord 250K to 500K
Allies: DakotaWind, DorianRees
Medals: Adventurer(Bronze)‎ Loyalty(Bronze)
Auction House: My current auctions
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