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Joined: 08/Dec/2007
Name: Oropher87
Medals: 5_4.gif 8_1.gif 9_1.gif
Guild: Mermaid Knights
Allies: Darjin, Grat, QuestionHB, Shiryo, SkyWizard
Enemies: headbanger, kaboobi, muditjaju, PabloBison


What do You think when You are told the word elf? Noble, mighty, glorious, beautiful? I combine all these terms into one sole body. You don't know me? I'm Oropher87, the Merelf Rider of the legendary Mermaid Knights! You say You haven't heard my story? Just sit down and let me tell You.

I was born in a little tribe, in one of the infinte realms that is called Lorwyn. Our tribe was named Guilt Leaf, after the phenomenon of the golden glowing of the tree leaves in the rising sun, that occured only on our territory. The tribe was not big at all, roughly 30 elves assembled together. Although it wasn't a significant group, we had the finest glamour casters. When I was born, I was an odd person there. I preferred the use of the sword, the dagger, the bow amd the axe to murmuring spells and learning special hand-moves to cast them. I was a warrior. I still had some kind of an art inside me, i love to carve shapes from wood when i have free time. I prepared a number of sculptures as a decoration for the small village. Life passed and we did not grow; learning the abilities in our powers took too much time and effort to concentrate on our recruiting. I was the only person defending the tribe, but we didn't need more. The only threats were boggarts wandering in the area, but i had the experience to entice them from the camp and take them out individually with my bow. If a boggart horde was too large to be misguided, then our spells hid us in the undergrowth and the horde passed by and let us unharmed. We simply lived our lives.

One day, however, a pack of demons arrived to our home. We didn't know how or why they came there, we only knew that they had no peaceful purposes. They killed everyting they encountered: chopped off or burnt trees, slaughtered the animals that came in ther ways; they destroyed everything that was amiable for us. They headed towards our camp, but we felt safe, although fear as well rose in our hearts, but we knew that our glamours would hide us from their sight. How wrong we were. Their minds were focused on devastation so much, that was all they saw, they were unaffected by our spells. We threw every single piece of magic we had into the scale, but we didn't have much of a chance. I was the only elf who stood a tiny chance against these monsters, but i was helped by our casters as well, hidden around. All of a sudden another pack arrived and got into fight on our side. After a long and red battle the demons were dead. They had their costs. Many elves died while protecting their homes and the newcomers also had casualties. As i looked around I saw nothing more than bare ground. All the houses, the trees, our lives' work were smashed to the ground. Nothing else left but the ground, soaking in black blood. At that time I have lost my nerve and I quenched for revenge. I eagerly screamed for vendetta.

The leader of the unknown warriors came up to me. He introduced himself as the leader of the legendary Mermaid Knights and told me that this group is only a small piece of the whole guild. They fought for the extermination of these fiendish demons from the worlds of good and justice. He asked me if I wanted to offer my abilities into their hands, to help eradicating these hellish monsters from existance. I agreed with my remaining people to leave them there and join this group. I promised that I would return once and defend the rest who still be here after I gained enough experience fighting these damned creatures of evil. The elves gave me their blessings and let me mmet a new life, the life that seemed to fit me since my birth..

This is How i enlisted to the legendary Mermaid Knights, a long time ago, and keep fighting endlessly for freedom and peace. There are many more fellows from different nations and races who share my views and we made frindships while fighting together. We learnt how to trust and respect each other and form a great group, on the battlefield and at other events as well. I would like to return to my old home once, but yet the mission is still on and i doubt that i could leave this new family forever.