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Who I Am

Web and graphic artist to FS; Computer engineer to the real world

Firewalkers Forever![[1]] JMAISC is the best player!

I'm a Designer and Leveler not PvP, but I do stand up for my guild and my allies. Touch any Firewalker[[2]] member with malice or steal from a Firewalker[[3]] member and you will be seeing us.

I always Bounty all unprovoked attacks plus delevel.



  • FUR 130/5k


  • RS 130/5k
  • EA 130/5k


  • AL 130/5k
  • LIB 130/5k

Check my status entry in my Bio before asking for buffs. Even if the light is green if it says I'm Offline; I'm Offline!


I charge 1FSP for my AVIs. They are custom builds and created with Adobe CS4 Suite. I am also Adobe Certified so the work is guaranteed quality. Rules: - If I create it; you pay for it. Period! - If I create it and you don't pay for it. Submitted to Wall of Shame for thievery and wasting my time. - I will try my best to create the image you describe but within reason. If the Sword isn't .03" but .05" I don't consider it a deal-breaker...

If you want to see samples of my work click here! [[4]]