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Miiok (Prince Rei Miiok)
Joined: 2008-07-14
Name: Miiok (Prince Rei Miiok)
Medals: 1
Guild: Eternal Legends
Allies: Eliana22 and Ryusuke222



Personal Stuff

Well I got terminated again............

But I wanna make a few shout-outs before I go for good

Daemonxin- You gave me a great start in this game for bringing me into the Lost Knights

Ganryu213- You where like my twin brother, you are hilarious! Lmao!

Hunter- My little pet RIP

Assassnina- My pet girlfriend RIP

Kevin619- You are like the father I never had!

ShutDown32- That cocky attitude of yours lol!! Mr. PvP

But I really wanna give a shout-out to my home---Eternal Legends

Eternal Legends- Thank you ohh so much...I'm a Legend 4 life

               You knew my every weakness, And the problems I've been dealt. You understood my
wonders, And listened to my dreams. You listened to how I felt about life and love, And knew what
it all means. Not once did yall interrupt me, Or tell me I was wrong. Yall understood what I was going through, And promised you stay along.

                To Evilparrot: Hope you have a happy family ^_^

To Eliana22-At first you was a stranger to but come on what did you expect..But where there for me since the accepted me, you treated me like I was your kno I lost my mother at a young age, but you taught me what my mother wasnt able to tell me..not even my good for nothing father could teach me..Thank you ohh so much..<3