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Currently lvl 64. Chevalier of The Eternal Forsaken Kings.

my current auction(s):

Check out my current auctions here![1]

Q. and A.
1. Will u give me fr33 stuff pl0x?
No do i look like a charity 2 u? And please don't ask me stuff in leet.
2. Will u buff me 4 free?
Again no. Unless ur in my guild.
3. Will u give me a discount on items/buffs/FSP?
No, but i will buff 4 free if ur in my guild, and i do give discounts on items/FSP if ur in my guild.
4.Will u please make me an avi for free?
Again no.

If u ask me any of these u get: 1. a very rude answer (i will not say these answers or i mite depending on my mood) and 2. an addition to my ignore list (this is guaranteed).