Krins Dilema

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329 Ponea (North) (4,9) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Ponea (North) (9,9)
  3. Obtain Caravan Merchandise from Dinosauroid
  4. Return to Ponea (North) (9,9)
  5. Return to Start


  • 389,485 XP

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You find yourself in a savage land, smoke fills the horizon. From behind a large rock you hear a wimper.

A small stout brightly dressed man peers up at you. 'My name is Krin.' He stammers 'They drove me off my own Caravan! I've lost everything, my goods and friends everything. Can you find out what happend to them?'

Before you is a ruined mass of wood and cloth. A panicked man holds a wheel like a shield. The wide eyed man stares around as if hunted. 'The Lizard men attacked us from nowhere, can you get out merchandise back?

Relief washes over him and he settles down again behind his wheel.

The hunt was succesful, the Dinosauroids gave a good fight. From behind his wheel the nervous man greets you with a wave. 'Have you the Caravan Merchandise?'

The man throws his wheel aside and grabs the crate and hugs it close to his chest. You gain 1000 XP.

The merchant hugs the crate greatfully, 'with all these dangerous Lizard men around could you take me back to my brother?'

With a sigh, he follows you.

You return to where the you first met Krin, he was exactly where you left him. Hiding behind the rock. You wave and tell him you have returned with news. 'If it's not good news I'm not moving' he calls out petulantly from his hiding place .

With a yelp of glee he jumps up and runs to hug his brother, 'I just didn't know what to do, was I to look for you or not.' With a smile he says to you, 'Thank you Warrior, I am in your debt.' (Gain 388,485 XP)