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Little introduction

Picture 6.jpg

Hey all

Im kingjente, kevenia recruited me to the game. I'm thankfull to him because of that, I sell pictures and my guild members think i can do it pretty good.

People wearing my avatars: sunwarrior, jornekke, kingjalle, cracker2u2

I hope this list will become a little bit larger

Prices of avatars:

profile picture --> 50 k

guild picture --> 1 FSP (GP+GMP)

I will do my best to give u a good avatar

A few avatars I maked for me and my costumers

Picture 7.jpg

Picture 8.jpg

Picture 13.jpg

Pictuer 12.jpg

Pic 1.jpg

Pic 13.jpg

Pic 14.jpg

Pic 8.jpg

Pic 9.jpg

Pic 10.jpg

Pic 11.jpg

Pic 12.jpg